Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Living

I want to help people with any of these dietary restrictions to enjoy eating as well as enjoy life.

The Trafford Centre in Manchester is a very beautiful piece of architecture. I went there because my roommate wanted to go to Forever 21. While I was there, I had a Thai Green Chicken Curry dish for lunch at this place in the Trafford Centre called Hokkien. For food that was microwaved it wasn’t half bad and of course it is always nice to have something besides a salad every once in a while. Not saying I don’t like to eat salads, but you know how it is when you forced to eat a salad because there is nothing else.

After visiting Carlisle Castle and Hadrian’s Wall, I went to a pub called “The Griffin”. I wanted a burger so much that I asked for it without the bun and no cheese. I ended up getting invited to sitting at a table with a group of people and gave away my onion rings that came with the dish. It was a fun afternoon having a good quality burger, a few drinks, and meeting new people.

Cider Gallery Part 3 - The last of the Cider pictures I promise.

Cider Gallery Part 2 - I got really intrigued with all the various types of cider available in the UK. I also have feature a few Gluten Free beers here as well.

Cider Gallery Part 1 - UK is a Gluten Free person’s dream. You can 99% of the time get a Cider at an establishment.

So I was going with people from my office for lunch to a pita place that has salads on the menu but had no boxes available. I looked like I didn’t have money or something but I told the person who asked how there was nothing for me to eat. What he did was left the group and went to another place with me to get food and then ate lunch together in the cafeteria in the office. He was so nice to do that for me and help out in such an awkward situation.

Went to O’Neil’s in Leeds. It’s an Irish restaurant chain. You can get yourself a cider of course. In addition, not pictured here, you can get a Thai Green Chicken Curry dish. Very tasty if I do say so myself.

2 Oxford Place is a 100% Gluten Free Restaurant in Leeds, UK. It is only one of the four restaurants in England that is dedicated Gluten Free. There was a Dairy Free menu as well. I was able to have smoked salmon, fish and chips, pancakes, and even a beer during the two times I went. Highly recommend. Check out the various menu’s accommodating various dietary needs.

I found Glasgow in Scotland to have a different feel to Edinburgh. It was more down to earth and had more regular activities versus touristy activities. The shopping was fabulous as well and not too outrageously expensive. I went to a Friday’s for lunch because I knew there would be menu items and I always enjoy seeing an American franchise in a foreign given I would be able to consume the products. I got regular wings and a burger with no bun when I went. I really just couldn’t get enough of the beef quality in the UK. So delectable.

Visited the Kirkstall Abbey in Kirkstall, which was a beautiful medival church built in the 12th century. After I visited the church I went to a pub nearby called the West End House. I got the Lamb Kofta Burger with no onions or “floury bap”. Always love eating the steak, beef, and lamb in the UK because the quality is much higher in the UK versus the US. I also tried the Lily the Pink cider which is pictured above. It was a still cider. I’ve never heard of this concept of still cider before I travelled to the UK. Overall, it was your typical local pub, which is an atmosphere I love a lot.