Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Living

I want to help people with any of these dietary restrictions to enjoy eating as well as enjoy life.

York, UK, was one of my personal favorites in the UK. It was very picturesque and scenic and it was just gorgeous. Even greater is the fact it was Gluten Free friendly as well. It had dairy free options as well but I want to stress more on Gluten Free right now. One pub I went to had Coeliac friendly menu items plus the Gluten Free beer Mongozo. It was called Brigantes.
In addition to menu options I also found it to have excellent service. Definitely a place I would return to if I were to return to the UK.

Barburrito is basically at least to me the UK version of Chipotle. At a GF/DF person, you have the same options as Chipotle, three tacos or a rice bowl. I personally preferred the rice bowl over the tacos. You can get nachos to make a meal, however, I feel like I cleared my throat like crazy after I ate them. It could just be me. Overall, excellent grab and go option or to eat in because then you can get a mojito. Yay!

In Sainsbury’s in the UK, you can buy 1 liter of Hard Cider. Please America, adopt this product one day for us Gluten Free people!

The Welcome Pack - Before I got to the UK I was asked which items I would like for my Welcome Pack for the apartment. I had to reject the bread….the pizza…..the butter….and I stated that it was because I am Gluten Free and Dairy Free… return…..I received all these fabulous items. Have to love England!

msderpypants I wish this Gluten Free Veggie Good Houmous wrap was available in US Starbucks as well. I rarely see a food option for me at Starbucks in the US.

In the UK, Starbucks has a Gluten Free Wrap that is also dairy free. Brilliant! In addition it is suitable for vegetarians but not vegans. This is what I get at the train station before I go on a day trip. One of my favorite grab and go foods in the UK thus far.
As for drinks, just like in the US, “soya” aka soy milk is an option.

motherofmadcatsandbabies Waving hello from Yorkshire.

Gluten Free Pizza from Dominos. The Gluten Free Crust here in the UK is better than the Gluten Free crust you get in the US.

Costa is a popular coffee place in Yorkshire. My colleagues personally like it the best. You can get a wide variety of drinks and there is a dairy free option of soya. Don’t ask me why but that is how soy is spelled in the UK. And they take-away not take-out and they go on holiday and not vacation.

Going further with Costa, the store also has food for me to eat. Hooray! They have a gluten free wrap available. I found it good but the seeds were a little harsh at times. A great option for the grab and go but not my number one choice.

Welcome to the UK Edition of my blog!

Over the past few weeks I have been in England on business. In addition, I have also travelled to Scotland. Believe it or not, there are many gluten free and dairy free options available.